February 20, 2007

God will provide!

Well, I was sitting here a few minutes ago and am starting to get pretty hungry. I looked around the kitchen, and realized, we have NO food in the house. lol. Nothing in the freezer except fish (which my DH said he wanted to cook, not to touch it) and some pork chops, but nothing to go with it.
I was trying to figure out what could be thrown together to eat when the phone rang... it was my Mother In Law asking me if I could use some food... her deep freezer went out and she didn't want all the food to go to waste. YAY!! Sorry, not yay that her freezer went out, but yay that I now have both ice box freezer and little freezer full of meat and side dishes! She had two frozen pizzas that were defrosted already, and said that I better cook them as soon as possible... NO PROBLEM! I smell it now. I much rather a home made meal.. but hey, it is free, and I am hungry, as I am sure the kids are.

DH went hunting last night and killed a Hog... !!!! So as soon as that gets cut up and sorted, we will have even more meat to last us a while.. God always finds a way to provide for his children!

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Amity said...

Just stopping be to see how everything is going :-)