September 20, 2012

Neighborhood Ice Cream Social, or Neighborhood Fish Fry? That is the question

Hi ladies,

A few posts ago I wrote about God speaking to my heart about starting up something for our neighborhood... I thought I would start simple and go from there. I would like to do a Bible study or a womans worship group... but my target area would be those who do not yet know the Lord, and titles as such would probably make that target area cringe and not show up at all. 

After much consideration, I thought I would have a "Neighborhood Get Together" once every couple of months so that our neighbors can get to know each other better. I know that just sitting and talking , if there is a need, God will open a door of opportunity. 

So far my ideas were to 1. have an ice cream social party! I thought that I could purchase the ice cream, some coke and root beer for coke or root beer floats... and everyone invited could bring their favorite ice cream toppings. I made up some invitations... I actually just edited some that I found floating around online. ;) (personal information has been smudged out).

Idea number 2 was my husbands idea... it was to have a neighborhood fish fry. Sooo, I created this invitation from something I found floating around online... crafty woman I am. (again, personal information has been smudged out.)

So, which one to choose? I guess it depends on the weather that day... if it should be cooler weather, we will have fish, if warmer weather, we will have ice cream! lol. 

I am completely outside of my comfort zone here, I pray Gods will be done. 

Which would you prefer to attend if it was your neighborhood?



shannah said...

What a great blog!! I love it! So, you live in Louisiana? Me too. My blog is

if you care to visit it. I love stumbling across blogs hosted by Christian women. :)

I saw where you started Insanity (yes, I went through your posts) and I want to know how that went for you.


Cheryl Linder said...

Thanks for this idea. I have been searching for ways to witness and build community. I think this will do both. Now I just need to do it!