August 27, 2012

Storm Isaac

****** UPDATE ******
Isaac has hit and passed, we survived with nothing more than some downed tree limbs and a two day power outage! Praise the Lord! 

Okay ladies,

It looks, at this point anyway, like this storm Isaac is going to be headed for us here in Louisiana.

The school board has closed the schools here for at LEAST the next two days. They will re-evaluate the situation once the storm has passed.

I was just informed that we are not required to come into work for the same amount of time. As much as I love a two day paid vacation from work, I really dislike preparing for hurricanes. 

I ask you to please pray that this storm stays at a Category 1 or less! 
The expense of leaving for a hurricane and then the headache of trying to find a hotel with vacancies is horrible. We can ride out a 1 or less... so that's what I'm praying for :).  

Of course, I would love it if the storm doesn't come here at all, but praying for that will mean praying for it to hit someone else... so I really don't like doing that. 

With gas tanks and cans filled up... we are trying to prepare for the worse, but are praying for the best.

I had intentions on posting for the giveaway today, but I believe I will hold off until after things slow down again from the storm. Be on the lookout though, the Child Training Bible is so worth entering! 

I must say that I WILL be sure to pack it if we have to leave. I don't want to chance loosing it in the storm.

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