August 22, 2012

My baby turned 5 today!

Has it really been two week… TWO WEEKS since I’ve last posted? Oh my goodness I never would have thought it had been that long!

Since school started up again this year things have been crazy mad at my house. This was the first time all four kiddos go to school and mornings are a little more than hectic at some moments. I have to not only make sure everyone else is up, dressed, hair brushed, and ready to go… but I also have to make sure I’M ready as well. Whew, there have been a few close calls to getting to school before the ring of the bell… this morning included. I think we made it with 5 minutes to spare.

The main reason for my post today is to share that it’s my baby’s birthday! The youngest of our group, the cute, sweet, little caboose. Today she makes 5 years old.

I remember the day she was born, even though she was my fourth child, she was also a baby of firsts. It was the first time I had the epidural, the first of my children to remain breach, my first (and last) c-section.

I thought my fourth pregnancy and delivery would have been routine that time around… but she had to be stubborn and not turn.

I can’t imagine why anyone would opt TO have a c-section by choice. It was immensely more difficult to recover from, the pain was horrible, but she was worth it.

The only one of my children with curly hair and brown eyes like myself. I never knew how beautiful brown eyes really were until I looked into the face of my baby girl and seen those milk chocolate pools looking back at me… she has taught me so much in her short 5 years.

We had her a birthday party earlier in the month. Her Nanny wanted to be there, and she was moving a few states away the next weekend. She really had a blast at the party. We had it at a place called the “Enchanted Cottage” The little girls were all dressed up as Fairies, they all sat down and had tea and treats together, played games, had their nails and face’s painted… and just had a really nice time.

Tonight we are going to be baking a chocolate cake together, she loves to help me bake and cook in the kitchen.

I also have pictures from the kids’ first day heading to school.

If today is Angelique's birthday, that means my birthday is just 4 short days away! I will be turning 1 year older this coming Sunday! Get ready for a birthday GIVEAWAY! I'm so excited, the item that will be given away has become a crucial tool used almost daily in my household. I can't wait to bless another family with one! 

Angelique the day she was born... August 22, 2007
Angelique @ her 5th birthday party
My four children in 2007
My four children this year, 2012
Angelique's Fairy Tea Party


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Jody Lee Collins said...

Angel--what beautiful children and a precious post. God give you all you need this year to handle the adjustments....great to 'hear' from you!