August 8, 2012

Schools In: Night and Morning Routine Printables

Today was the first day back at school for my older three kiddos! Everything ran rather smoothly (surprisingly!)

Everyone got up and dressed with no problem, everything was found right away, and everyone ate breakfast and got to school on time! All that, WITH the alarm clock waking me up an hour late. Now to see if we can continue this perfect first day throughout the rest of this school year.

The baby girl goes for Kindergarten testing this afternoon. She will start next week full time! It really does not feel like she should be starting school yet, she’s still my little baby girl even though we will be celebrating her 5th birthday this weekend.

The big 5! I remember my fifth birthday, I was so excited that when someone asked me how old I was, I could then hold up an entire hand full of fingers, without holding any down!
Yeap, the good old days.

Well, as promised, I have revised the Night Routine spreadsheet, and also created a Morning Routine.  Feel free to use these as you wish.

For my family, I will be printing them as either 8x10 or 5X7s, and placing them in a frame. That away the kids can use a dry erase marker and cross out each activity as they complete it so they can keep track of what they need to do next.  Or maybe I could print them side by side and place them both in an 8X10 frame? I guess I’ll figure out the best way to display them tonight.

I’m trying to decide on a reward system right now, we have tried numerous ones in the past, but nothing worth sticking to thus far.  Any suggestions?!

Tonight I’ll be treating our Friends group (The girls ministry I lead at church) to a pizza and chocolate cup cake party. I know most of them are going to be tired after a long first day back at school… I want to ease things up for them a bit.

I hope the rest of you have a wonderful Wednesday!


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Kelly Scott said...

Wow. School already! My daughter is in grade 11 and she doesn't start for 4 more weeks and my older two start university in 5 weeks. I'll have to get my daughter ready and I may just use these print outs! Nothing like a gentle reminder. Thanks for sharing with us at No Ordinary Blog Hop. Every blessing, Kelly