December 22, 2011

My Christmas Gift & Pets :)

… well, despite our best efforts, the last remaining puppy didn’t make it.  I think the poor thing developed pneumonia. I was so very hopeful that she was going to make it through. At least if there is ever a next time, we will be more prepared to handle the puppies as soon as possible if we will need to. It’s just heart breaking that out of eight puppies, none of them remain.

On another, more positive note… my hubby bought my Christmas present!!

I have wanted one for almost 6 years now! It’s a Quaker Parrot! Also known as a Monk Parrot.  I know they are illegal in many states, but are not yet banned in the state of Louisiana… lucky me!

This beautiful little girl is only 6 months old. I named her Kiwi, and my oldest daughter calls her Kiwi Pie. She is just starting to speak. She says “Pretty Girl”, and we were told she was starting to say “Here kitty kitty kitty”, but so far I have only heard her say “Pretty Girl”. : )

She is still exploring and getting to know her new home and humans. She is hand tame and very friendly. As soon as we open the cage door she moves as fast as she can to get to our hand.

Her favorite spot to rest is on our shoulders… and she LOVES to weave in and out of Tinker Bells hair! I think it is so cute!  I can’t wait to see her take a bath for the first time… I wonder if she will like or dislike that much.

I am so excited to have her be part of our family!  At the same time I am so disappointed that we lost that cute puppy.

We have 2 German Shepherds, Genesis and Smokey.
We have a Quaker Parrot, Kiwi

What pets do you have at home?


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