December 13, 2011

Grevemberg Plantation Home Visit & Santa!

Hi Everyone!!

This weekend I took my kids to a local Plantation Home Museum, it's called the Grevemberg Plantation Home. This home was built in 1851 and is just absolutely beautiful! The beds, pictures, desks, sewing machines, toys... simply everything in this home is original to it's era. For those of you who love History, or Antiques.. this is a must visit!!

Collage of pictures taken... simply beautiful!

Every year for Christmas they decorate the home as it would have been decorated for Christmas time in the 1800's.  Admission is discounted to 1.00 per person, and 5.00 for a picture package. There was a lovely man there who took pictures of our family around Santa and emailed them to me the same day. (pictures in this post (: ) My son didn't want to travel along with us out of fear of boredom... bahhh humbug. My oldest and youngest daughters each brought along a friend though, and they had a BLAST! My oldest daughter had her Iphone and took pictures of EVERYTHING!  I don't have access to those right at this moment.. but will be posting them at a later date. 
As soon as my youngest was able to see Santa, she grabbed my leg with both arms and would not let me go.. lol. Notice the beautiful dresses the women wore!

I never believed in santa growing up... and my two oldest children never believed in him either. My 7 year old said she wanted to believe in him.. so I told her that was her choice. My youngest never believed until we left the Grevemberg House... and now she says she LOVES HIM! lol. 

 Santa giving my 7 year old a hug... he made everyone hug him...

 Even my eleven year old and her friend.. lol...

My three beautiful daughters! 

Here's the whole gang who joined us... some of them were not happy about taking a picture.

Santa made it a little better when he gave each of them a stuffed animal and a candy cane! We received a Tiger, Piglet, Dumbo, Baboon and Mickey Mouse! 

They had such a great time!  I will not wait so long to visit again!


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