November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Pictures!

Hi Everyone!!

This year for Thanksgiving, my husbands side of the family all went to his newly wed nieces home to help them celebrate! They fried a turkey, had all the yummy sides and deserts... the kids had so much fun!
Here are some pictures from that day.

 TinkerBell with her cheesy smile :) 

 My husbands niece (& one of my best friends) holding her nephew.

 Me and my bestie (she's getting married in March... guess 
who her Matron of Honor is!) My arms are NOT that big!!!

 In the middle of the photo is my husbands older sister.. the three girls 
are her daughters.. with their husbands & Fiance's.

One of the daughters and her growing lil family. 

Me and hubby! The sun was SO BRIGHT!! It took
everything we had to keep our eyes open long enough 
to snap the picture! 

Looks like he lost interest with this try! :)

Here we are with half our children :)
My oldest two were already at my family's house.
I sure do wish we all could have been there.. this would have made a beautiful picture. 

Very blurry (taken with my cell) picture of our Christmas tree!

After we left their home, we headed to my family's house. Unfortunately I did not think to take pictures there :(  Next year, I promise.. I will not forget!



Ellen Stumbo said...

Your tree is up, I am so jealous! That is the plan for Friday! We are all excited about it!
Since you came to visit and invited me over, I decided to stop by and stay a while :)

Angel said...

Thank you so much! We don't celebrate Halloween.. so each year instead of participating, we decorate the living Room for Christmas! :) Actually, this year it was more like November 12th ish... we were late :/ .