November 26, 2011

Very Late Fall Festival Pictures!

Hi guys,

These pictures are very late in coming, I am so sorry for that. Lol

This year (and every year) on Halloween night, we head over to the church for our annual Fall Festival!

We went to a local church this year… it was a last minute decision and we wouldn’t have made it to our church, so we went a few blocks down to the church my in-laws attend… and the kids had fun. They had all sorts of game stands set up with games that they took from “minute to win it”.  They had a fun jump the kids had a blast jumping and sliding down!

There was one stand set up, where the kids could get their faces painted… well, I didn’t realize just how beautiful of a job this lady would do on them! Once each of my girls had beautiful butterflies on their faces, I could not resist. I had to get my face painted with them. My husband thought this was so funny once we got home, he had to take pictures of us.

I could not get my son to get his face painted (I would not have made him get a butterfly… but he could have gotten something). So it was just me and my three girls : )

Just wanted to show you the pictures of the beautiful job the lady did on the painting… we hated to wash it off before we went to bed. 


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