November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving & Christmas Table Runner!

Hi friends,

I was so excited to share this with you all...

Staying with the Thanksgiving/Christmas theme…. After viewing a lovely post on another blog I love to visit ~ SEE POST HERE ~ I decided to try my hand at creating this beautiful table top quilt! She did make it look so easy!  I had the idea of creating mine with fall-ish colors to be set out from October – the end of November…

This is how it turned out… unfinished as of yet because I had ANOTHER idea while creating the top for this piece. (Please excuse the community coffee on the right side of the table... oops)

 My OTHER idea was to make this table top quilt REVERSABLE!  I thought it would be neat to make the other side of it Christmas-y so that when it’s time to change the décor… all I have to do is flip the quilt to reveal the other side and I am finished!

I was playing with all sorts of ideas, not fully settled on any one, when my supervisor came into work one day and gave me a box full of scrap pieces of bridesmaids dress fabric… some were a deep red, and others were a silver… I knew exactly what I was going to use some of them for!

This is what I came up with for the other side…
Still, unfinished because I have yet to put the binding on it... and please forgive the low quality of these pictures, as I'm still having camera issues and these were taken with my phone : /  also, the chips and scores on this counter top.. it is very, very old indeed. 

I hand drew a shape that I thought looked close to a Christmas light... after creating 15 of each shiny fabric color (30 in total) I did a zig zag on the top of each one in the alternate color.  I then hand drew the "wire" with pencil to decide how I would like it, and then top stitched with a thick black thread. 

So I did a simple square quilting on it, and now all I have to do is place the binding.. I was thinking of something neutral... like a light tan, or off white.. and I will be finished.
I promised to choose someone from these ramblings to receive a beautiful Christmas ornament... so here is the question for this post...

Tell me what was your favorite hand made Holiday craft  ever... either made by you, or received as a gift.


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