June 29, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

Not much to blog on today, Tinkerbells chin is healing up nicely... I do not see her staying out of trees any time soon though! I have included some pictures I took of her and the Queen this past weekend.

Also, I made another toddlers neck tie and some more onesie gift sets. :)

We now have a new mouth to feed, my younger brother and his wife are on the outs, so he is staying with us until things pan themselves out... whew... God never gives us any more than we can handle, is what I keep telling myself.

Well, with little left to say, here are the pictures!

The blue and brown damask tie for toddlers

 The Pistachio Green and brown damask toddlers neck tie!

 Beautiful rainbow we seen over the weekend!

 The Disney shirt I made for a beautiful birthday girl

Here is the Queen at the party, trying to bowl!

Here is Tinkerbell with her busted chin (you can't really see it because we have a band aid over it :)  )

She just made you think she was all girlie...
Here she is going after baby dragonflys!

Of course, the Queen could not see me taking pictures without wanting some of herself taken as well :)

This one was taken as soon as she ran outside, upset she wasn't in the pictures, before she changed into her tutu flower dress!

As always, happy creating!


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