June 8, 2011

Waters are FINALLY going down... slowly....

HI everyone!  I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last post, there have been lots of things going on at home, almost one right after another. :(

First my husband had a little cousin (11 years old) who was killed in an automobile accident. After that we started having to deal with the rising waters... there were a couple of people down the streat from us who had water enter their homes, but THANKFULLY we did not have any problems :)

I had my ETSY shop on vacation mode for a couple of months until everything kind of went back to normal, I opened it back up today! Anxiouse to get started back on orders :)

In the meanwhile... here are a some of the items I have worked on since things have been shut down...

A beautiful baby girl wearing my onesie creation!

A pair of white hair wraps with hot pink peace signs!

A beautiful pink and white damask name pillow with a cute chic!

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Amber Comrie (Glass Poppies) said...

Aw, I just adore the pink damask pillow (got a little thing for birds and owls) And the black and white onsie is so cute, makes me want another baby. :) Best of luck with your shop, I'll be by again to check out your blog more. Great set up, very easy to navigate.