June 17, 2011

We Have WINNERS!!!!

Hi everyone!

We have winners from the drawing I announced earlier this week!!!

The first winner I will announce was chosen by Random.org... and the winner is....
ALLISON who said "I love the zebra stripes! I'm due next week with a girl, I'd love to win her one! :)"

Allison, if you would contact me with your information, I will be happy to start creating the set for you along with a little surprise, which brings me to my next winner...

ZOE LOVE who suggested "Have you thought about doing frilly socks to match the outfits....would love some for my girl!"

Because Zoe Love suggested I make some frilly socks to match the outfits... and I LOVED the idea, BOTH ALLISON and ZOE LOVE will receive a complete head to toe onesie set complete with Hair Bow and Frilly Socks!

Please contact me with the fabric choice, Initial, and size!

On a personal note... my beautiful TinkerBell busted her chin yesterday afternoon.  I received a call at work from my husband asking me which hospital to take her too since she wold be needing stitches :-0.  Needless to say I high tailed it out of work to meet them at the hospital. It was a pretty deep wound.  The doctor decided he would be nice, and instead of giving her stitches, he glued it back shut, and placed butterfly bandages over it, topped with a normal band aid.  My brave lil girl only whimpered a bit when they started cleaning it with alcohol!!  OUCH!!

Turns out, she grabbed a lower tree branch and while hanging onto it, asked my son to push her legs so that she would swing back and forth (which he happily obliged). After a lil while she decided she was going to let go of the branch and drop to her feet, only she miscalculated when to let go, and landed on a platform with her chin instead :(

She is better today... and says that it's numb. Her only concern is not being able to go crawfishing with her dad for about a week.

Here is what a set, complete with frilly socks, will look like!
The set will be available for purchase from my shop for $24.00.

Here is a set complete with booties I am mailing off today!
The set complete with booties is available for purchase for $29.00.

Thank you!

Happy Creating


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Allison said...

Oh, awesome! I'm on Etsy so I'll contact you through there :)

(shop name is Lilas Locker)