February 6, 2012

Our Vow Renewal!!!

Well, we had such a WONDERFUL time at the beach house!  Thank you, every single one of you, who helped me pray for pretty weather. It only rained about 15 minutes for one night, after dark. Thank you Jesus it was so beautiful out there.  If you could imagine listening to the sound of waves crashing against the sand on the beach to fall asleep at night... no words can describe it!

My husbands niece, and my best friend, Bethanie was with us for the first night... she became so ill that her fiancée had to rush her to the nearest emergency room over an hour away from us! She was severely dehydrated and had to be given fluids before they sent her home. She was going to take our pictures for us...

So... we had to improvise. After we found out she was o.k., we dressed up and headed the few short feet to the beach with camera in hand. I placed the camera on a sand mound and recorded us renewing our vows... you couldn't hear anything we said for the loud waves of the Gulf... but I was able to transfer some of the video clips into low quality still pictures.  Afterwards we used the timer feature with a 10 second delay to take some better quality still shots... it was so funny watching me focus the camera on my hubby, click the button, RUN as fast as I could towards him and pose before the click! lol.  We only did this a few times since it was so awkward. 

I can't wait to go back again... next time with the kids! We walked the beach and picked sea shells and brought some sand back home for the kids. They asked us too :)

SO... here are a lot of the pictures... in no certain order... for you to view! :)







No Words.... :)


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