February 27, 2012

Cleaning Schedules!!!

Hi everyone!

It's been a little while since I last posted anything. Things have been a little bit crazy. This past weekend I threw a bridal shower... this coming weekend I will throw a lingerie party... the next weekend I will attend a rehearsal dinner.... and the next weekend I will be standing as the Matron of Honor in my best friends wedding!

I have hardly had time to THINK much less post anything on my blog and I am so sorry for that. I hope to have pictures up and posted very soon of the shower, everything turned out wonderful!

Which brings me to my question for today... if you read any of posts from years ago, you will all know that I struggle, very hard, to keep my home clean. That is something that has never came easy to me. I grew up with my father and two younger brothers, I never had my mother around to teach me how to clean or show me those things... I was on my own at a very young age and I still have a hard time figuring out when to do everything.
So.... for all you ladies who are able to keep your home somewhat presentable... to the point when you have unexpected guests come over you do not simply die of humiliation and embarrassment... what's your secret? Or your schedule... your cleaning schedule.

Do you have a routine that you do daily, weekly, monthly?  How in the world do you keep up with your home?

Please... for the sake of all other mommies, stay at home OR working... tell us what you do.

Thank you so very much, in advance, for your advice! If you have any tips on getting the kids to pitch in, let us know that as well!


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Evie's Story said...

Not sure I have any advice....just can commiserate. I consider myself a good mommy. And I love being a wife...but keeping up with the cleaning OVERWHELMS me....OFTEN!

Your focus is other places. Its probably how you are wired...more relational than task oriented. And its OK. Give yourself a break. You are raising precious children and ministering to young women and so much more. Don't be down on yourself!