April 12, 2011

Spray Paint Throw Pillows?!

As you all know.. I love to find free tutorials online... I happened across a tutorial for spray painted throw pillows using wax paper and it caught my attention... so I read on about the steps, etc.

On my way home that very day I stopped at the store and picked up wax paper and spray paint :)  I thought it would be a very neat project for the kids to do... they could all do anything they wanted, and have a pillow for their room that was completely customized by them, for them... PRETTY COOL!...

I just wasn't too sure how it would all turn out.

Here are the finished projects...

My son, is all boy!  Knuckle Heads room is done in a dark blue, and he is always catching some sort of critter... so for his pillow, we did a Gecko... I really like the way this one turned out.

My daughter had a friend sleeping over, so she made a pillow as well.  She wanted a "Cute Smiley Face" I can draw pretty well, but a "Cute Smiley Face"?!  So I said, well, how about we do the word Smile, with :) behind it.  She replied.. how about Capital X and Capital D... so that's what we did .... Smile XD in a cute font.

My oldest loves the cute skull and cross bones... as well as peace signs and hearts. She actually wanted a heart on both sides of her name, but when she began to spray the paint (a little too zealously) one of them flew away... so she was left with the one. I still think it came out pretty well.

Tinker Bell wanted the word LOVE... but she wanted a cute font.  I'm telling you, I must have gone through about 30 different fonts with her before she fell in love with this one.  Instead of choosing one paint color, she wanted to do both pink and purple. So we layered a pink stripe, then a purple, then a pink, then a purple.  It has an almost tie dye look to it.

You can see the tutorial yourself at V and Co. by clicking the button bellow.

Here are some other orders / projects I have been working on lately :)

Reversible Shoes!

Cutie Pie, Honey Bunch!

A happy Customer!

Thank you all... and happy creating!

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Meream said...

Oh wow, you have been very, very busy! I love the baby booties! So adorable ;)