March 25, 2011

Buttercup Purse Tutorial!!

I love to find free patterns online… I always have!  I mean, who doesn’t love free things right? Combine that with my love of creating and it’s double goodness!

I found this Tutorial – Pattern online a while back, HERE and about a month ago was able to squeeze in the time to make it.  It was my first ever purse, and I LOVE IT.  I want to make another one, but this time I will print the pattern larger as the purse is a bit small to use for every day. (Of course I did make it, and love it, so I downsized the items I carried and CRAMED the rest of the items into it. )

 I had actually made a business card case a couple of days before that, using the pink and grey damask fabric and some pink felt. When I decided to make the purse, I made it to match the card holder to create a set… and because I already had the fabric on hand.

It took me a lot longer to make than it should have.  I guess it took so long partly because I really didn’t want to rip anything so I was being careful, partly because I had a sick little one under my feet, and partly because I was delirious from being up waiting for hubby to get home from fishing in the wee hours… it was finished around 1:00 a.m..  Total time was probably around 3 hours for me that night… but I’m sure in better circumstances it could have been completed in about an hour. I had a request for a red one… and I picked up the fabric today to make it.

Me and my children also created some super easy, and super FUN throw pillows last night!!!  I will try and post a tutorial on that Monday!!! 

Here are the photos of the cute little purse and how it turned out!

Also… I modified it a little teeny tiny bit.  I was being lazy again didn’t have a snap for closure, so I used Velcro instead.  I think I will try my hand at a snap next go round.  I also added a coordinating color ribbon for a simple accent instead of the oblong thingy the directions say to use.

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Meream said...

Pretty! Love the fabric :)