January 9, 2012

Our Weekend Shopping Trip!!

This weekend I had a lovely time in town!

We went to town with my best friend, Bethanie, who is getting married in March.

My beautiful baby girl is going to be the Jr. Bride in her wedding, and I am going to be the Matron of Honor.
 Here is my beautiful baby AKA The Queen, in her beautiful dress with tiara!

 Well, we needed to head to town to purchase her little dress. Let me say, it was very crazy in there. I remember the excitement I’m sure all of those future brides were feeling this weekend as they were trying on various dresses, standing on those platforms surrounded with mirrors so that they could see themselves from every possible angle.  The excitement of a new life, with their new husbands, the future unknown… I would NOT go back there if I had the chance! Ha ha… I love being in the place I now am in my marriage. I love that we have been through so much together, and survived it all. We know each others weaknesses, each others strengths.. we know how to push each others buttons, and how to avoid them. I love him, and I know without a doubt that he loves me… unconditionally.

Well… once we left the Bridal store, we headed to the MALL!!!!

As soon as we walked in, we spotted the picture booth… we all tried our best to jam in there and be seen .. we succeeded most of the time.

I have only been to the mall a handful of times in my life… literally… I never liked going as a kid, it was too much commotion, to large of crowds, to noisy. My girls on the other hand, do not seem to have shared my dislike. They had a blast! I just wish I could have had a little more money to spend on them while we were there. My youngest rode on the escalators for the first time. She was shaking a little bit, but she was excited.

We hit all sorts of stores, but my oldest was the real reason we went, she had Christmas money, and it was getting hot in her hands.  She spent a little bit at Bath and Body works. She found lots of sales on Scented Hand Sanitizers and carrying cases. She even purchased a couple for her two sisters and a friend, she found some wonderful smelling body spray.  She also spent some money at Victorias Secret.. (she only purchased 3 shades of lip gloss, one of which I found out later she purchased for me). I was able to purchase some body spray and bath wash for myself there, called Pure Seduction! It smells divine!!!  

After leaving the mall with aching feet, we went to Chili’s for a late lunch and to discuss the up-coming bridal shower!

After lunch we headed to Old Navy where each of the girls left the store with something, and I made sure to purchase a couple of shirts for Knuckle Head… I knew he would feel left out if we came back with nothing for him. I know he had a blast as well, since he and hubby went hunting all during the day while we were shopping.

On the way back home we stopped at Starbucks… I ordered a Mocha Frappe, and my best friend ordered a Mint Mocha Frappe… that was my very first Starbucks drink!

I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to another trip soon!

I am thinking we will need to head back there so I can find myself an Anniversary Outfit, especially since we will be renewing our vows…

So much fun! 

Oh... and on a side note... this Saturday while we were enjoying our shopping day, another one of my husbands nieces was enjoying her baby shower... where she received this from me.

She said she loved it!


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