August 2, 2011

Tinker Bells Act of Kindness!

I am so proud of my little girl I had to share it with you. I know that she isn’t the only girl, or boy in that matter, to do this… but the idea was entirely hers and hers alone.

My little Tinker Bell has heard people complimenting her beautiful hair all of her life. She really does have beautiful, healthy, shiny, naturally highlighted hair. I have no idea where she gets it from because my hair is a light brown, curly and dull looking. My husbands hair is a dirty blonde, but also curly.

Tinker Bell loves her hair, she is always trying to find new ways to style it, and fix it up. She allows her older sister, to curl it, place it in a bun, clip beautiful bows in it and braid it. A few months ago we found out a lady we attend church with has cancer. This lady has always given everything she has to the children of the church. She makes sure to give a gift for each and every birthday and Christmas… I am pretty sure she does without herself a lot of times just to make sure they have something to open with her name on it for their special days. After this beautiful soul began to receive radiation treatments she lost all of her hair.

At this time, Tinker Bells hair was about mid back length and everyone was asking her if she was ready to cut it to prepare for the up-coming summer months. She would simply say “no” politely with a smile, and turn on her heals and run to play.

Then one Sunday while we were at my grandmothers house for our weekly “after church supper” where we all gather together as a family and enjoy good food and each others company… my grandmother told me that Tinker Bell had announced to her she was letting her hair grow so that when she cut it, she could give it to people with cancer who have lost their hair. This was the first I had heard of this… but I have to admit it didn’t really take me at all by surprise. Tinker Bell is always thinking about others, and putting them before herself. I can imagine her thinking process… this lovely lady who gives of herself unselfishly on an almost daily basis, and my tiny self… knowing I want to do something to help…. What exactly can someone so small do to make a difference?  I can give my hair!

So for the last few months she has let her hair grow longer, and longer.. Until it reached her back-side… and I told her that she had way more than the six inches required to donate to Locks of Love. With me telling her she had enough, she was ready to donate!

So last week I made her an appointment… this Saturday we woke up early, washed her hair and spent a good 20 minutes brushing it smooth, then headed to the beauty salon to get her first hair cut in 2 years!

I kept waiting for her to be nervous, but that never came. I think it was almost a relief for her to imagine not having to worry about conditioning and brushing her hair all the time.

Once the initial CHOP was done, I asked her how she was feeling; she was completely fine she reassured me with a smile. After another half hour to even out and shape her beautiful new length, she was still just as cute as could be. To top it all off, I let her get a turquoise feather in her hair!

We spent the rest of the day shopping for new school shoes, eating out, and then topped it all off with an evening at the beach. While at the beach we were able to view a cute little squirrel eating a piece of bread low in a tree, we also spotted some black squirrels.

I have to say it was a pretty good day over all. I am so proud of my little Tinker Bell, and her Big Heart!

If anyone else is interested in donating their hair to Locks of Love, even if you do not have the inches necessary to donate… they will take ALL hair donations. The donations that come in and can not be made into hair pieces for cancer patients, are sold to another company and the proceeds are used to help the cost of producing the hair pieces. So every little bit helps in some way.

Thank you all for listening to my bragging on my daughter  : )


Evie's Story said...

Soooo precious! You've trained her well!

GingerPeachT said...

Thats just adorable and so loving!! I hope I have good kids like that someday :-)

Gypsy Lane Designs said...

So wonderful! I loved reading this. You must be so proud to have a daughter who is already so compassionate! You deserve bragging rights :)

nickyratt said...

Wow That was really sweet!