November 3, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas & Ramblings! :)

Hi Friends,

I know things have been a little slow for a while… I’m sorry for that. I put my shop in “vacation mode” for an undetermined amount of time.  I decided it would be best if I freed up some time to spend with my family and friends.  There were also lots of gifts I had wanted to create for family and friends lately that I had no time to complete due to other projects or orders going on… the stress of that, on top of the health issues, just became a little too much.

I have one thing to tell you, and one thing to ASK you guys today… please bear with me for a moment : )

Actually, I believe everything happens for a reason. About 7 years ago now, I felt a clear calling from God to start a pre-teen girls ministry at a church I was attending. Unfortunately, the church at that time was not able to allow me to start it… but the calling was strong, and clear.  We began attending a new church almost 2 years ago now, a church that already had a girls ministry established, into groups from pre-school – Jr. High.  To make a long story short, I was told in passing that they were looking for someone to take on the responsibility of leading the Jr. High – Pre-teen girls ministry.  I was so excited! I didn’t say anything at that time though. I went home, pondered and prayed about it first.  When I went back to church the following week I told the coordinator that I was interested.  Well, everyone who needed to, approved me, including the preacher… and now I am the new Jr. High girls ministry leader!!! 

God put this calling in my heart 7 years ago, and when I tried on my own.. I hit every dead end I could find.  In His timing… everything just falls together perfectly. I don’t think I would have been able to offer my services if I had not already put my shop to the side… I am grateful that I did.

Now, for my question to you all..

With Christmas fast approaching, and budgets being reeeeaaaallllly tight, I wanted to hear from you crafty ladies and find out what your absolutely favorite handmade Christmas gift is? This can be gifts for women, men, children or babies… we all know that we have at least one of each of those on our “To buy for” lists.

I am going to compile a few of the handmade gifts I have given, or at least variations of the ones I have made throughout the years.  I hope you enjoy browsing through them, and maybe receive some ideas for your own Christmas list! 

I am SO looking forward to reading your responses!!!

The first one on my list would be the:

Cake in a Cup... or Cup Cake lol..
I have made these in numerous different combinations!
My youngest brother likes to take bite sized candy bars such as Reese or Snickers and break them up into the cup before "cooking" in the microwave... they come out very very good!

As a gift:


You can find the directions here

Movie Night Gift Basket!

I have put together a movie night gift basket for our godson and goddaughter. I filled the baskets with the following:
  • Old classic movie (5.00 at walmart)
  • Popcorn packets
  • Hot cocoa packets
  • Cute cups for the cocoa
  • Movie box candies (1.00 at walmart)
  • Slippers
The kids loved them, and had a blast using them!

Of Course.... I have made the items that I sold in my shop as gifts

Hair Wraps for the women and girls
Hooded bath towels for the young'uns
Name pillows

I thank you all in advance for your gift ideas! I can't wait to read them!!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Happy crafting!


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